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Because your mouth and body are connected, there are several oral health risks that can also pose severe risks to your overall health. To make sure you remain safe from any risk that may arise in your mouth, it is important to have a plan for detecting oral issues early on, including oral and throat cancer. We recommend that you regularly check your face, neck and mouth for some of the early symptoms of oral and throat cancer. To help you get a head start, we invite you to review these frequently asked questions:

What is the significance of detecting oral and throat cancer early?
The 5-year survival rate for oral throat cancer is roughly only 64%. Due to the low number, it’s important to make sure it is found in time.

What is an oral cancer screening?
Oral cancer screenings look at all aspects of your oral health to determine if oral cancer is present.

What are some of the common indications of oral cancer?
If you notice anything abnormal or irregular about your mouth, or if you routinely struggle with a loss of feeling or have difficulty accomplishing basic mouth functions, you may be developing oral cancer.

What are some of the visual clues of oral cancer?
If you notice any lumps or bumps, rough spots, patches, or pus or sores, visit our dentist to determine if oral cancer is the cause.

If you would like an oral cancer screening from Drs. Kim, Keber or Bajwa, please call us at 623-547-0307 and set your appointment. Our team at Litchfield Dental Care is happy to care for both your smile and your overall health with our oral cancer screenings in Litchfield Park, Arizona.