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Did you know that tooth hazard risks in your diet can cause several different forms of dental damage? To avoid tooth hazards associated with your diet, be aware of all products you are using and never use your teeth for any tasks other than which they are assigned. Furthermore, limit meals to large meals only and avoid snacking throughout the day.

Never use your teeth to open products, including bottle caps or plastic packaging, you can severely damage your teeth. A dentist’s worst nightmare often arises from teeth being knocked out due to teeth being used improperly. Furthermore, never snack throughout the day, as you can increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs.

Be aware of any products that are heavily laden with sugars and starches. Common products that can lead to dental erosion and tooth decay from substances in your diet include the following:

– potato chips
– sugary sweets such as gummy candy
– soda
– fruit juice
– sports drinks
– french fries

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