If you feel anxious or distressed about your dental procedure, Drs. John Kim and Jason Bajwa can provide you with sedation dentistry to help you relax. We provide oral sedation for both adults and children by using a Midazolam lollipop, which enables both you and your child to feel at ease during your appointment. For more information about oral sedation and Midazolam lollipops in Litchfield Park, Arizona, and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, please contact our dental office at 623-547-0307.

Midazolam lollipops are a type of sedative used to help children and adults feel more comfortable during their appointment. If you receive this type of sedation, our dentists will provide the lollipop upon your arrival at Litchfield Dental Care. It will take about 15 minutes for the medication to kick in, and the effects will last for about 45 minutes. By the time you are brought to the dental examination chair, you should be fast asleep. When you wake, your entire procedure will be complete!

Midazolam lollipops are a safe, fast, and effective alternative to other forms of sedation dentistry. This type of oral sedation delivers enough medication to keep you comfortable, and it lasts long enough for our dentists to complete your entire procedure, whether it be an extraction, tooth filling, or a deep cleaning.

We welcome you to contact our dental clinic to learn more about midazolam lollipops, and to schedule a consultation with our caring dentists. We are committed to helping you feel comfortable in our dental office.