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If you are in need of a highly effective tooth prosthetic that can greatly enhance the look and protection a tooth has, look no further than dental crowns. Dental crowns can cap and conceal teeth on all sides and provide an additional layer of protection that has no true rival. They’re also extremely durable to ensure a tooth can have decades of support.

Dental crowns are beneficial for teeth that are so severely damaged that no other treatment options are effectively capable of repairing them. They can even repair teeth that are splitting the cracking into bits, as they can effectively hold together the bits of a broken tooth. They can even provide additional support for teeth that require dental fillings, but not enough tooth remains. In situations where previous restorations and replacements are in place, such as dental bridges or implants, crowns can conceal and cover the treatments as well. Dental crowns are known for their durability and can provide decades of support for teeth.

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